Geomer solutions for route optimization

GIS solutions for business vehicle dispatch and route optimization

GEOMER is a powerful backend solution created specifically to address the geographic representation needs of information systems aimed at vehicle fleet control or any mobile asset and how they interact with their environment.


The main objective is to provide visual geographic information that allows to improve process times information reception, scheduled merchandise deliveries or how different agents relate.


To achieve these objectives, GEOMER has three modules that interact with each other:


  • ▫ Conversion of coordinates in addresses of interest


  • ▫ Real-time positioning of mobile devices


  • ▫ Route optimization and planning


The development of GEOMER as proprietary GIS engine , allows client companies to quickly implement it using an API that covers all the possibilities of intensive information use.

Reverse Geo-coding

Conversion of GPS coordinates in direction with complete data of location, direction and permisseble speed.

Routes optimization

Optimizes your routes using your own business characteristics and improves your deliveries, pickup times and customer satisfaction.

Vehicle dispatch

Knows which vehicle is appropriate to be sent to a pickup, delivery or task depending on your own business rules.

Own Layers

Easily adds your own layers of information about GEOMER and uses them immediately, dynamically and flexibly.


Knows at all times the distance between any of your vehicles, customers and places of interest in order to optimize the waiting or delivery times.

Areas Control

Determines the areas of interest in a polygonal way and knows which mobile assets are inside or outside of them or the permanence times.


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