Hiber Gateway for telematic IOT

Software Gateway for telematic, IOT , GPS devices and sensors

HIBER is a unique connectivity solution for all types of devices that transforms real-time data process needs into a secure, transparent and scalable solution.


This versatile Gateway Software allows companies to position themselves, quickly and solidly, in a new era of connected devices through transparent information management processes and early detection of possible failures.


Allows communication between different data sources and information destinations to adapt both to the current needs of the Internet of Things (IOT) through LTE or 4G, or to the traditional technologies of GPS mobile location, control of electro-mechanical processes through GSM or GPRS.


The key to HIBER as a data concentrator lies in the unification of protocols for both incoming and outgoing data, converting this solution into a agnostic gateway in terms of devices currently counting in more than 1,500 different models.


Compatible with any geo-location device, vehicles, IoT, external sensors, home automation systems. Connectivity can be done directly, via APIs or secure VPN connections regardless of the tunneling technology or encryption used.


System prepared for real-time data reception, processing and forwarding regardless of how many connections each device needs. Dedicated two-way communication allows the sending of commands, firmware or OTA actions without limitation.

Enhanced Telematics

Connects any type of device. From GPS locators, IoT devices, external sensors directly or through security platforms, alarm stations or ERP or CRM systems in use.


Gets exhaustive control of each of each of the events occurring in the system, from the volume of received data or the lack of connection of any of your devices or sensors. Sets custom alert parameters to be able to detect errors early on your equipment.


HIBER prioritizes the type of connectivity needed for each type of device and optimizes the communication method for each technology used. Better connectivity results in efficient communication costs and complete control over each negotiated data.


Possibility to adapt safety levels to each type of data ecosystem, devices and network used. HIBER offers encryption technologies, tunneling certificates, VPN accesses and auditing systems available to third parties that require data flow control.


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