RESINE business intelligence rules engine

Big data analysis system for data generation, business engine rules, business intelligence rules engine

A leap to process automation through a powerful Business Rules Engine RESINE is a proprietary system designed to exponentially release the full potential of your data.


Driven by the analysis of large volumes of data (Big Data) and automatic learning processes (machine learning), RESINE allows defining the correlation of any segment of information from a single or different sources and regardless of its format or transmission protocol, and thus provide more information for automatic decision making.


Through the Business Rules Engine, you can provide each device with the ability to interact in a unique and controlled manner, analyze its behavior and obtain relevant information for improved management.


Resine standardizes any type of incoming data in a single format, being able to consume information from various sources and of any kind.


The business model can be expressed through an unlimited number of dynamic rules and conditions for each portion of data received.


Generates a number of actions according to your model and the related rules to increase the value of your business in an easy and intuitive way.


Resine receives, relates, executes and produces data in real time to be consumed in historical models or outside the system through a complete API.


Resine generates management reports and work dashboards that are understandable for the most diverse needs.


Constantly calibrates existing models with correlations between expected data and data received in real time.


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